Philippe Schott


Product Design

Berlin & remote

Designing for success

I help companies reach their goals by designing better digital products and services for their customers, partners, and employees.



The basis for impactful design is reliable insights. My goal during the discovery phase is to define the right problem and to define the problem right to solve it successfully. That’s why I start the design process by asking questions, listening, observing, doing interviews, and researching to formulate reliable insights as a basis for the design process.


Next, I define what we can do to solve the problem within time and budget. I consider various solutions and prioritize those that are effective and easy to execute. This involves working together through co-creation workshops and scoping sessions, which will deliver sketches for specific use cases and user journeys, a service blueprint, and a rough cost estimate.


Once we have established the scope and direction, I flesh out the initial ideas in more detail. At this stage, I validate the concept design with users to ensure that the solutions meet their needs and help achieve the business objectives. The design process is iterative, involving communication and collaboration with all stakeholders and team members, resulting in detailed designs that are validated and ready for implementation.


Throughout the entire project lifecycle, I work closely with engineers to ensure a high-quality delivery. Once the project is generally available, it's important to measure and learn. Therefore, I collaborate with data scientists, researchers, and customer support, observing, listening, and learning to gather further insights. This allows us to continuously improve the experience and extend the service.

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